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Level up your surfing skills


We offer you advanced surf coaching on the southwest coast of the Algarve with over 30 beaches to choose from, best suited for your skills.


We communicate specific body movements simply and concisely with a logical, analytical approach.


You'll have some fun waves during your coaching with us but the point is that you leave knowing how to continue with your progression independently.


In every training you'll learn specific skills but more importantly you'll know why you're learning it. We accelerate progress and built your confidence! 

We'll take you to the best beach for your level on the given day. Start with a paddle out for a free surf to cath a few waves to evaluate your level and see what you need to work on.

It will be a combination of video coaching with direct feedback on the beach and/or surf skate training  on flat or on our wave simulator the surf skate ramp. 
Theory lessons and video analysis and position correction.

The exact combination depends on what specific skills we put our target on, to create muscle memory.


– Surfboard (rental availability)

– Wetsuit (rental availability)

– Waterproof sunscreen

– Sunglasses & sun hat

– Bathing suit & towel

– Drinking water

What's included

– 2 h surf session

– max. 3 people

– Video analysis

What to bring

Surfing position steps
Video analysis


Nothing beats coaching in the sea but there is a lot more to learn, including; surf etiquette, the theory behind technique, board design, ocean safety and how to read the conditions. All of which are best taught in front of a TV screen or with pens and paper out.

Video analysis has been one of the most important additions to our coaching. We do this both at the beach for immediate feedback and later on for a more in-depth review.

Seeing your own technique in action is a brilliant way to illustrate clear steps to improve your surfing.

Get your coaching session


We also provide personalized surf guiding experiences along the stunning southwest coast of Algarve. Offer insider access to the region's best surf spots, ensuring unforgettable experiences both in and out of the water. We try our best to deliver the ultimate surf adventure on Portugal's captivating coastline.

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