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Surfskate Ranch


The training on our surfskate ramp is an excellent complement to the turns you take on the quiet roads. Watch others working on their maneuvers and cheer on them from our chill out.

Looking for some fun turns?

SurfSkate simulation
Chill-out area at the ramp
Private-lesson on the ramp


From a beginner up to an elite pro surfer, learning to surfskate has many benefits.

In this 60 minutes session, we'll give a quick introduction to the activity, and provide you with all the safety equipment needed

Balancing on the board with your feet is the first objective and with an instructor's hand, when you need it,  we'll teach you the first steps in generating speed.

We mainly train at our private surfskate ramp on sight.

We can use a variety of spots from quiet streets just down from our surf house to local skate parks with smooth flat areas perfect for an introduction to this activity.

What to bring

– Lace up shoes

   (no flip flops please)

– Drinking water

Where we'll go

Surfskate Lessons

Once you've developed some basic technique you'll start to understand how your body movement relates directly to surfing in the water on waves. If you put in some time on a surf skate when you're next in the water you'll soon realize that the muscle memory you built on the surf skate has made you a better surfer!

This training mode is for us the most important, because we can interpret and copy maneuvers, correcting them to the centimeter, creating a muscle memory and giving you confidence, strength and motor mobility. Surfskate can also be used both on ramp and street, recreating different types of maneuvers.

Group Lessons


Are you running a retreat, a workshop or a surf camp and looking for a fun and functional adventure to complement your program?

What about joining us with your group for an exclusive surfskate lesson on our "surfskate ranch"? Get in touch with us to find out more about our packages.

Lace up shoes are the most important to have for your surf skate lesson as wearing shoes you have a bigger base to manage the board easier and protect your feet from injuries.

All other equipment such as knee protectors, helmets, etc. we provide.

Good to know

Rider: Pushpa

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